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Washington who?

ANYONE running for office, should be mandated to spend a month studying and learning about the one man all Americans owe a debt to, President George Washington.

The man set a standard that is hard to follow, yet something every man can achieve.

His total dedication to honor and integrity no doubt kept him alive as he personally lead his troops, not from afar or even the rear, but from the very front, during eight years of war. His clothes had bullet holes. His horses were shot out under him. Yet this man not only survived uninjured, but managed to take on the mightiest military nation in the world, and win, with a rag tag group of men.

Without his dedication to save our nation, to make the American Dream come true, we would not have The United States of America.

As the leader of the Army, George Washington had at the end of the war, the country at his feet. He could have had any office including being King, but chose to give up his powers to be a farmer and live a private life. Nobody had ever given up so much power.

When it came time to form the new government George Washington was called upon to chair the committee that wrote the new constitution. Once the congress was elected, they all voted in George Washington to be the first president. It was pretty much unthinkable to vote for any other man.

In taking office you can be motivated by many a thing. But above all one should be motivated by the common good, not personal gain. George Washington should be the role model that every person in public office is closely familiar with. To feel strongly inspired by. And should indeed feel a connection with.

In 1789, following a proclamation issued by President George Washington, America celebrated its first Day of Thanksgiving under the new constitution.

There has been too few men who set such a strong positive public example.

Yet, during difficult times we need good examples to remind us of where the high road runs. When the going gets tough it is far too easy to choose a lower road. Looking back and asking yourself how would George Washington handled himself would be a great reminder of what the high road means.

Public office carries many temptations, many invitations which only lines the wrong kind of pockets.

Demand the most of your elected officials. Take at least the smallest possible step yourself – Start by casting your vote in November. Remind them who George Washington was!

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