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May, 2023:

Is YouTube Clueless?

What’s up with this thing where YouTube shows a number of video’s for your browsing and then pulls a new sample before you get to watch what you see?

Typically I see some that I want to follow up on so I start with the first and then when I return they have decided that I now want to see something different!

These decisions, and the types are not operating intelligently, more like A.I. and very artificial indeed and that goes for whomever decided on the algorithm they use. What I would prefer a lot more is that you leave the selections there, let me scroll sideways and down in search for what I like. And when I get to the bottom show an option to give me a new batch.

Same goes for ads. If I follow up on any one thing, let’s say I’m looking for a plug, I read about it and maybe I buy one. But that does not mean I’m now focused on plugs. Quite the opposite, I’m now done with plugs and moving on. But nope I clearly want to see plugs for a good while now.

Mix it up!

OK, that does not really apply to me anymore as I’m filtering ads out from my network at the border.