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Selling personal info to marketers

I keep being surprised how many companies are happily selling the information they have on you to marketing companies. Are people that ignorant, poor financially and morally that they just have to do it?

In my email was a notice from Curiosity Stream proclaiming their Privacy Policy which includes:

We may “sell” or “share” your personal information with third parties for targeting advertising when we work with advertising and analytics partners, ad networks, and social media sites to personalize our ads and marketing experiences, and to provide tailored video content. Even though no money changes hands, these partnerships may be considered a “sale” or “sharing” of your personal information under some U.S. laws. Please see Section E(3) of the Privacy Policy for more information.

Maybe it’s just me but I have found that targeted online marketing does not work. But of course I’m old enough to have been part of contributing to the early days of the internet. The newer generations that as a Gen Z streamer proclaimed: We don’t have personal relations ships, we have phones.

In that environment you may prefer to have your personal info spread as wide as possible. I find it shameful that anyone doing any “normal” business would in any way sell that information. I’d expect there to be some Personal Information Disseminator business to be someone you would go to, to get it spread far and wide.

But no, now anyone might do that. All the people who put up advertising to get paid for their content. I’m all for people doing some online service which others appreciate and you get something for that, money, fame or whatever tickles your fancy. From my perspective it has all gotten out of hand, I’m talking about the pursuit of money.

There are at least seven different types of currency besides fiat currency (money). Money is so important in our society that unless you have it you are literally considered a criminal, and people are getting locked up for loitering because they don’t have it.

That is sad.

Two of the key words I grew up with were caring and compassion. Money was just something that made it easy to go to the market, either as a seller or a buyer. You were respected and thought well of because of who you were and what you did, especially to your fellow citizens.

I’m a firm believer that a government is needed, but when people stop looking and evaluating things for themselves to see where they stand on any given issue, then they become truly dependent on someone to tell them how to feel.

Now people are literally sitting in the same couch texting each other rather than talking.

Humans have come a long way down the scale of survival. Only looking back to pirate days of the 1700’s where a flogging by a whip with hooks on it was routine, and you went back to work after one. Today you would not survive because we have gotten that much weaker.

Now our idea of sharing is through this via, no longer person to person. I’m concerned over how I will be able to avoid this downward spiral next lifetime. I grew up partly in the city and partly on the country side. That was a top notch school. Today we are scared for and of everything.

Clint Eastwood in a circa 2010 interview said it best, “People have turned into pussies!”

Obviously we need to be nice, helpful and caring to each other, but to be upset that someone is standing too close to you in a cramped area should not have to be one of them. What path did you have to end up there, and what are you doing to get out of that particular inability? Someone may have done terrible things to you but in the end you are responsible for your own condition.

That may seem a bit rough and unfriendly, true. But if you are to have any hope of having a happy life you need to be able to learn to live with and deal with people including yourself. It’s ultimately up to you to care what condition you are in, or you will be pushed around by everyone.

It is a jungle out there and in the jungle even the tigers have a tough time. Be the best you can be and at the helm of your life!

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