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January, 2011:

OSDial 2.3 Pre-Release

OSDial 2.3 is about to get released. While we wait for some purely visual changes to be completed we decided to ship 2.2.9, which is otherwise locked down and will become V2.3.

OSDial 2.3 brings a wealth of new features truly too long to list here, but you can see a copy on the feature page.

Amongst it you will notice that you can now upgrade automatically to the latest version from any previous version. The size of it has exceeded CD’s 700MB and at around 900MB now requires a DVD.

With around 1200 changes almost every facet of the dialer has been touched in this upgrade.

As usual everything that is needed is included in the release, including Asterisk, Apache and MySQL. All you need are computers and phones for the agents, and a carrier.

Phones can be analog, digitial (such as VoIP) and soft-phones. When dealing with many agents it is generally cheaper to go with analog phones as they are cheap and easy to replace when they break, and does not require any tech to replace.

When it comes to carriers we recommend WSS Communications which we learned about from one of our (picky) international clients. People that use them are very happy! Let them know that I recommended you and ask for the special care they are famous for!