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April, 2023:

Why have leaders, or not?

It seems that there is confusion on what a leader is, or what makes a leader in the first place. We have over and over witnessed a failure to elect leaders, both in local friends to follow and all the way through the top job in the country at our own expense.

It is also visible through various misinformation campaigns created by various players in the local and world scenes that are having success in creating diversion and upsets that is threatening ours and others nations.

In this information rich environment where anyone can say anything from anywhere in the world, it is a big challenge to identify who is on what side of things and what their goal is. There are a few traps that we fall into but before diving into those I want to talk about leading and leadership.

For someone to be a good leader, and one could qualify that to mean who can help improving everyones living conditions and not bring about the opposite. Or, thanks to his/her actions we are surviving better and things keep improving. Happiness is within everyones reach.

A leader must have integrity, must have the family, group, company, councilman/woman, and every other level up through to the US president, have in their interest to forward the survival according to their sphere of influence. Must act unselfishly, and never sell out their responsibility to some vested interest that only think of themselves. Which means causes more harm than help and assistance.

I’m saying that regardless of your sphere of influence you need to also evaluate that with everyone in mind. Otherwise you may easily find yourself up against everyone else who are united and your actions could cause sever loss to your sphere of influence. As in the case of criminal acts where justice catches up.

So, how do you recognize a leader and indeed, separate out the ones that only speaks the speak but does not walk the walk? With all the noise from all the media outlets and everyone having an opinion however unqualified to promote it, how to tell them apart?

There is a saying Look, don’t listen. You need to observe what someone is doing and the results of those actions. You may need to look into their history and see what are the effects of their actions over long time?

You need to be able to evaluate these things to have any chance to make a decision which will increase your happiness, after all the purpose of life is in very plain sight. What do people seek, indeed the constitution guarantee? The pursuit of happiness.

Only a small percentage are in such a bad state that they have given up on surviving and are focused on complete failure – death. Most everyone else are seeking happiness. Starting already with the baby who repeats noises that makes you smile and laugh. Or the joy of having unselfishly helped someone through something.

To the degree your life is not filled with smiles and laughter to that degree you are not actually winning. Winning is not measured by money or power, indeed few people who gain these in quantity are privately happy.

When the pursuit of some goal, of a leader, does not include those around him/her, then that person is not a leader but someone just looking out for themselves. This does not mean you cannot look out for yourself, we all need to, but when a leader is not acting in the interest in those who depend on him/her then that person is not acting as a leader.

Being a leader sometimes includes making decisions that are not immediately appreciated by all, especially when most of us have our own goals and desires that may not always have others best interest in mind. The harder things are, the less we tend to think of anyone but ourselves. This is normal, but not actually the optimum way, and I’m being very gentle in my description.

We live on a planet that is buzzing around in space, and instead of seeking to find agreements and common goals we are sidestepped with misinformation that turn us against each other.

The USA became the super power thanks to the united actions of the whole nation. The single largest contributor to the survival of many other countries who depends on her. Yes, we have also through people pretending to be leaders gotten into wars and caused a lot of damage around the world.

But that which made America so great is almost broken in half. In a matter of a few years the US is not united but split into fighting with each other.

You have to ask yourself who benefits from this?

Regardless of any insight you may or may not have this is the bottom line, are we as a nation stronger or weaker? Where have we been going from election to election? Are we as a country getting happier or more upset on a daily basis?

As people we are, well, people. And people makes mistakes, that too is normal. What you do after the mistake is more telling and more important. A leader have no problems with transparency and will acknowledge the mistake and take corrective measures.

If this all seems a but much for you, a bit too hard to deal with – I sympathize.

But you still need to know that the only way out of this is to be part of the bigger group in some capacity, that means at a minimum taking some time to get familiar with who are those that claims to be a leader and who is not. That cannot be done by listening to any one source on the political spectrum but as many as possible.

Don’t be too hasty to make your decision. There are usually so many factors involved in these peoples lives that it boggles the mind. Discovering them is a very tough job.

Know that there are many many special interest groups in this and other countries that have their own agenda and are NOT working to make America the best it can be. These players often have huge budgets and plenty of people to create good and false impressions of people. You could ask yourself who are most threatened by a united USA?

Congress today are going through a change whereby many are not really standing for anything in particular but are simply pushing whatever line, say and do anything they think will get them what they want. All at the expense of the greater good. Not how a leader behaves.

Also, remember this: you get the government you deserve!

If you don’t participate then you cannot complain.

One more thing. This is the US of A where the political balance ALWAYS swings back and forth from side to side. It’s never “over”. Take your win or loss and prepare to educate more people about your vision of a great country and what makes it so. Never result in violence or overthrow of the government.

If you pursue some activity that is illegal at least ensure that you actually can accomplish the goal and not end up in prison because you, yourself, did not ensure you knew what the legal outcome could be.

Try to set the good example that you want others to follow. Take responsibility of mistakes and try to not repeat them. 🙂

And please, get over the basic facts that all humans are humans regardless of skin color etc. If you are white then know that soon you will not be the majority, and if you are not caucasian see how wrong people can be about skin color and try not to make the same mistake.

Someone living deep in a jungle are no doubt surviving easier and are happier than most people in the concrete jungle. People are pursuing happiness to their best of their abilities all around the world. They are likely to have drastically different views than you do, and frankly from a purely survival viewpoint, since we are sharing this planet, it is in our interest to find solutions that works for all and not limited to the few. Doing otherwise will not work out in the long run.

Get educated and lose the insecurity and join the new civilization. 🙂 Because it is coming as surely as any has in the past. Change is the only constant.

How to be easily fooled

Making your own observations and conclusions is ideal especially when you understand the subject.

When you don’t know you try to pick some source to help you navigate life’s options and challenges. The trick lies within selecting the right source, or sources, to trust.

The most common sources are friends and media.

With friends one get to learn over time what their background is in and how good their observational skills are. With strangers it is obviously harder as one simply does not know what their motivations and indeed what kind of vested interests they might have.

Many unexpected things can and are influencing people in ways that is, well unexpected. I’m not picking on these people but one interesting example are scientists. As a graduating scientist you obviously want to have an income and pursue some direction.

This often means receiving funding in your chosen direction. What if you discover that your funding source is tightly connected with someone with some product line which you have an issue with as far as what your research is indicating. That is what you call a conflict of interest.

How you handle it is a challenge to your integrity.

Do you choose money and work or keeping your integrity? Is there a path where you can keep both?

Never mind if you are researching a subject with, to you, hidden factors? For example, if you are testing the value of vitamins but only do the research using “vitamins” produced with chemical means, rather than naturally occurring ones?

Its easy to see that what you don’t know/understand can affect you.

The more all-round education and experience that you have the better off you are. But is that the only way to tell if your source of information is reliable? Fortunately not.

When it comes to businesses they can easily have hidden agendas and relationships that drives them in some way or another. Large companies are often trading on the stock market. As such they have to disclose a lot of information about their affiliations and intentions. Failure to do so can land them in jail so can be a pretty good source.

When it comes to reporters they, like anyone else, have interests, beliefs and financial motivations. They in turn have editors with their motivations, which in turn have other bosses with their motivations. Therefor it becomes vital to do thorough research before making life changing decisions based on what is reported somewhere.

One way is to never only rely on the view of one side but to gather multiple views.

If you listen/read what kind of things any one reporter is reporting on you can get an idea of what type of reporting the person does, and then to try to find your own source to verify they truth of his or her reporting. Are they using a lot of generalities, only giving negative reports, tend to describe things with their own views or are they simply reporting the facts?

Reporters are supposed to report and share observations, or in short, facts. Then leave it up to you to decide what it means. Often we find reporters becoming actors, adding drama to their report.

One of my favorites is from Florida during a storm where the reporter is leaning into the wind while holding down his hat, clearly having a hard time standing straight. However, an old couple is seen passing behind him some 20 feet back, having a casual stroll without any wind.

When it comes to collecting the all important paycheck that keeps us fed and housed, we sometimes make decisions that comes back to bite us. Once you start violating your own integrity it becomes easier and easier to do it. Having done it one tends to come up with a reason why it was OK in the first place, a justifier.

However the price you pay will result in lost self respect, lost happiness, bad luck, missed opportunities for improvements (real improvements), loss of real friends that actually care for you and eventually your freedom. And if you don’t stop this trend you will make others stop you.

We are basically good, but can make mistakes. How do we deal with the mistakes is the real test of character. What will it take for you to sell yourself out?

The road back to happiness is possible.

Anyway, back to being fooled. Nobody can fool us as ourselves. We know exactly how to fool ourselves. (We also know exactly how to punish ourselves.) Therefore it becomes really really important to be able to evaluate information.

There is this one saving grace which is that we are basically good.

This means that the clear majority of people are trying to do the right thing. They like helping others, and may indeed feel it is what makes them valuable.

The news cycle depends on having as much drama as possible, or dragged out for as long as possible, may it be for or against what any source stands for. That immediately means their vested interest is in saying things that keeps your eye balls on them, and their advertisers who pay their salaries.

Read that last paragraph a couple of times and really see how that could end up affecting your life.

If you have any one national media source as your trusted source of news then you have been fooled, the only question is how much? The truth may or may not lie somewhere in the middle, if reported on at all!

Many really important things that affects the average citizen is not reported in by any national network.

But if I run around suggesting that someone is guilty of something then sooner or later a lot of people are going to simply buy that as facts. Because they don’t do any evaluation of the source or the data, simply accept it as fact. Their emotions have been stirred up by something that if true would probably be nasty.

And emotions have very little to do with facts, when mixed together.

Ask yourself what is the most upsetting thing you get out of your news?

Chances are the news are not based on the real situation but painted to highlight or purely fabricate some view that gets your attention and if possible, keeps you there. Some reporters have been legally classified as entertainers, not reporters in court.

The biggest subjects in most people’s lives, according to news outlets, is money, sex, politics, celebrities and crime. If you are making life decisions based on news rather than your own observations around you, you better ensure you have collect it from multiple opposing sources.