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January, 2010:

OSDial Ver2.2 Released

This release moves OSDial out of the now long since unsupported Asterisk 1.2 branch, and into the latest 1.6 branch. It also comes with our custom modifications of Asterisk which includes real time processing. A valuable feature when you process a lot of calls! 🙂

OSDial Ver. 2.2 also bring support for both 32 and 64bit processors. (As usual the 32bit version supports memory above the traditional 4G limit.) Both versions uses a kernel specifically optimized for OSDial.

During the last year we made over 600 improvements to OSDial, which includes cosmetic changes, bug fixes and new features. As is standard, for us, not all but most of the features we added are those requested, and paid for, by clients. Ensuring OSDial remain a practical product based on actual client needs.

At the same time OSDial has become compatible with a wide variety of industries. From industries such as automotive, banking, commercial collections, education, insurance to healthcare, religious, not for profit, time share utilities, and so on. More details at

An Announce List has been added to keep you up to date on progress, available at