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Networking 101

I’ll share some basics here: All computers and devices on a network are each called a host. Each must have a unique IP address just like each house has a unique address. IP addresses are broken into the older IP version 4 (IPv4) which has four numbers separated by a period ‘.’ like this […]

First Amendment Rights?

Why supporting violent sites is counter survival.

Google Suggests Reporting Their Charges as Fraud

In short I tried to cancel a commercial app service for my business but they claim unable to do so. We had an account with Google which provided a few apps for us. Then that same functionality was moved in house and the use dropped to zero. The account sat there for about two years […]

How To Give Away Your Bank Accounts To Criminals

Sherri Davidoff, Author of “Network Forensics: Tracking Hackers Through Cyberspace” has documented a real life example of someone giving away all their credentials which means someone else now have the same access to your identity and subsequently, money, that you have. It is a very effective demonstration of what not to do, share it with […]

Abandon IT Dept for the Cloud?

People have some interesting affinity for the latest and greatest solution, which gets applied to any and all problems. The grass is apparently so readily seen to be greener on the other side, that even common sense is left behind. I’m guessing there’s frustration afoot, which might be because of a slow or inept IT […]

Physical Security Maxims

Security whether physical, computer or any other area, is seldom understood. Arbitrary ideas that saves someone from doing something is usually chosen. It is next to impossible to overstate the amount of ignorance and stupidity demonstrated whenever security is considered. This list brings home the balance of secure vs insecure. Of course security is about […]

The threat from email

TRACE (Threat Research and Content Engineering) is a group of Marshal security analysts who constantly monitor and respond to Internet security threats. TRACE provides a service to Marshal customers as part of standard product maintenance. The service includes updates to Marshal’s unique, proprietary anti-spam technology, SpamCensor. TRACE analyzes spam, phishing and Internet security trends and […]

Why not to give admin or root access by default

[This is a reply to why setting your OS to give admin (root) access without a password on your computer is a not a good idea. It appeared on a Pardus review.] Your argument is very understandable and is shared by most people. Not to be flippant about your knowledge, but it is from a […]

Why Windows is less secure then Linux

It’s one thing to know by your own experience, another to be told by others. Sometimes you run into something that communicates very well. Like images. Here’s an article that does just that. It communicates graphically in a way that is hard to put in words. Why Windows is less secure than Linux by ZDNet‘s […]

A deeper insight into security – CRYPTO-GRAM

Here’s a reprint of Crypto-Gram by Bruce Schneier. His newsletter is one of the most read on the subject. It is a strongly recommended reading for all who care about themselves and others. Schneier also gives a good insight into how to motivate security in any area. (See Aligning Interest with Capability, below.) Here in […]