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Microsoft requires disabled to have email and cell phone

microsoft install requires email and cell phone for disabled

First Amendment Rights?

Why supporting violent sites is counter survival.

WorldVentures ventures where the world should not go

Today I ran into an interesting article by Ken White, an attorney who often blogs on legal thuggery, as he calls it. The blog is called Popehat. As he puts it: It’s time for the Popehat Signal — the call for pro bono assistance for a blogger threatened with frivolous and censorious litigation. This time […]

The right to work and school shootings

What I find interesting is that in ancient Rome a child between 12 and 14 would get some sort of position that they could hold and in effect were made part of society as an active contributor. What is more interesting is that they did not have any juvenile delinquency. If you look back, or […]

Is Bank Of America Not Above Extortion?

Today Bank Of America appears to try to loose as many customers as possible in one fell swoop. With no prior notice I found myself having no option but to either consent to a new disclosure, requiring me to hire an attorney on the spot, or loose online access to my accounts. Their online service […]

RIAA Lawsuits May Be Unconstitutional

I’ve said before that I don’t condone copyright abuses, but at the same time corporate abuse of citizens is no less acceptable. The RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) has been waging a war against people it decides has unauthorized copies of their songs. Which often enough is found to be a mistake on their […]

Microsoft offing up another good laugh!

With all the anti competitive activities Microsoft is guilty of, here’s yet another twist in the saga of a company that is trying to make believe that they too are supporting OpenSource. “To benefit from this promise, You must be a natural or legal person participating in the creation of software code for an open […]

Microsoft vs Free Software Foundation

Cornered, Microsoft tries to say they don’t have to abide by the GPL3 license. Lewis A. Mettler is an attorney who often comments on Open Source issues. In this article he’s explaining the use of the word believe when used by an attorney. Which is a direct response to Microsoft’s statement that they do not […]