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Microsoft requires disabled to have email and cell phone

microsoft install requires email and cell phone for disabled

Networking 101

I’ll share some basics here: All computers and devices on a network are each called a host. Each must have a unique IP address just like each house has a unique address. IP addresses are broken into the older IP version 4 (IPv4) which has four numbers separated by a period ‘.’ like this […]

Gray Body Text Is Non-Optimum, Try This:

A number of developers and designers have gotten the idea that having dim text is the way to go. And I can see for a number of youth that stares on the screen all day long it might be annoying, even infringing. Especially if you sit in a dimly lit room where the only light […]

How To Give Away Your Bank Accounts To Criminals

Sherri Davidoff, Author of “Network Forensics: Tracking Hackers Through Cyberspace” has documented a real life example of someone giving away all their credentials which means someone else now have the same access to your identity and subsequently, money, that you have. It is a very effective demonstration of what not to do, share it with […]

Abandon IT Dept for the Cloud?

People have some interesting affinity for the latest and greatest solution, which gets applied to any and all problems. The grass is apparently so readily seen to be greener on the other side, that even common sense is left behind. I’m guessing there’s frustration afoot, which might be because of a slow or inept IT […]

What does Windows 2000, XP and Vista have in common?

What does Windows 2000, XP and Vista have in common? They don’t ship with a decent word processor, never mind office suit. Fortunately that does not have to be a bad thing. Thanks to the efforts of the OpenSource community we have choices. One of them is OpenOffice. This suit can read and write MS […]